Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am overwhelmed.

In just two hours, the van will be here to pick us up.

Very soon, I will be living the words of Yehuda Halevi:

אני במערב ולבי במזרח

I cannot describe the depth of joy I feel that we had this year here in Israel nor the depth of sadness, sorrow, I feel as we prepare to leave.

To be in this land, to feel the kedushah, to be the majority, to aspire to a life of kedushah in eretz kodshenu, to feel whole, integrated, Shalem, is life.

To all those who made this such an incredible year for Becca, Elan, Mira, Amalya and Me, all I can say is thank you.

We will miss you and look forward to returning very soon, והמבין יבין .

There is so much more to write but I cannot, not now. Maybe after the kids are at camp.

תם ולא לשלם!